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Spare Parts

KLS maintains a full inventory of spare parts at its facility in Warminster, PA.

The parts are made with premium quality craftsmanship, tight tolerances and consistent surface finishes. Limiting production downtime for our customers is our objective. Contact us today to inquire about spare parts.


Precision machined tooling is available for capsule sizes #00EL through #4.

All tooling sets arrive in custom carry cases designed to maximize efficiency in storage and minimize potential damage to the parts.

Tooling can be customized to include Nyoil plastic components.

Training, Trouble-Shooting & Maintenance

KLS technicians are available to service the KLS-225 as well as various other brands of encapsulation equipment including both semi-automatic and automatic capsule filling machines, formulations, blending equipment and packaging.

KLS can perform on-site training in equipment setup, operation, cleaning, maintenance, and encapsulation production. KLS can also provide preventative maintenance and hands-on or over-the-phone troubleshooting.