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KLS-225 Capsule Filling Machine

The KLS-225 Capsule Filling Machine is a high-speed, tamping-style capsule filler with a maximum production rate of 225,000 capsules per hour. The KLS-225 is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, time-saving mechanical designs and an easy-to-use control system.

The main motor, indexing drives and vacuum pump are robust, precise and durable. Auxiliary equipment is available to help with automatic powder loading, automatic empty capsule loading, dust collection and capsule polishing.


KLS-225 Features


  • Accurate & Consistent Weights
  • Fast Change-Overs
  • High Yields
  • Integrated Auxiliary Equipment

Advanced Control Systems

  • Simple and Intuitive 15” Touch Screen
  • Easy to Support
  • Interlocks on Upper & Lower Doors
  • Standard UL-Compliant Panel


  • 7,500 lbs
  • Steel Base and Frame
  • Robust Motors, Drives
  • Inverted Silent Tooth-Chains

Elite Customer Support

  • On-site Service and Training
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Extensive Spare Parts Inventory

Durable & Precise

Precise tolerances and rugged components are key to ensuring that manufacturers consistently hit accurate weights and high yields.

With a solid steel frame and base construction and a total weight of 7,500 lbs, the KLS-225 runs smooth and efficient at high speeds with tough to run products.

Easy To Use Control System

The advanced technology of the KLS-225 starts with the large 15” HMI display that uses simple and intuitive touch-screen operation. The HMI is mounted on a mobile stainless steel pedestal allowing maximum visibility for the operator and flexibility with production room layout.

The high-speed capsule filling machine comes standard with a UL-Compliant control panel that includes a safety PLC and is built with off the shelf components that are easily available and interchangeable. 

Alarm history storage and remote access capability allows for faster troubleshooting thus minimizing downtime. Operators have the ability to toggle between English or Spanish and store recipes so that repeat batch setup is faster. 

RFID interlocks on all upper and lower doors and a two-hand jog controller are included on all KLS-225 Capsule Filling Machines to enhance safety for operators and maintenance technicians. 


Integrated Auxiliary Equipment

The KLS auxiliary equipment includes a capsule polisher, vacuum for separation, dust collector and both automatic powder and capsule loaders all of which are fully integrated with the machine. All of this equipment is connected directly to the KLS-225 for both power and control.

Using the KLS-225 Capsule Filling Machine HMI touchscreen, users can individually control each piece of auxiliary equipment.  This integration limits the wires running around the room providing a more safe and efficient environment.



Max Output: 225,000 capsules/hr
Capsules per Segment: 27
Max Speed: 140 rpm
Capsule Range: 00EL – 4
Dimensions: 6’ × 5’ × 7’
Weight: 7,500 lbs
Idle Noise: <75 dB(A)
Room Temperature: 70 F +/-50 F
Room Humidity: 50% +/-5%
Required Power: 460V 60HZ 3PH 20A
Required Air Pressure: 100 psi