KLS-225 Capsule Filling Machine

KLS-225 Capsule Filling Machine

KLS-225 Description

The KLS-225 Capsule Filling Machine is a fully-automatic, high-speed, tamping-style capsule filler capable of producing up to 225,000 two-piece hard capsules an hour. The KLS-225 is manufactured with premium quality components and robust motors, indexing drives, and a 6.4hp Becker vacuum pump. The PLC-based control system is simple and intuitive. Self-aligning housings with tool-less lock-down handles combined with an open-space design and modular tamping pin assemblies allow for fast change-overs and easy cleaning. The KLS-225 is equipped with a UL-Compliant electrical cabinet, a two-hand remote jog controller and non-contact safety interlocks for the upper and lower doors.

KLS Machines is focused on providing high-quality products, service, and the best customer support in the industry.

KLS-225 Features


- 225,000 capsules per hour
- Fast Change-Overs
- Self-aligning Housings with tool-less lockdown handles
- Accurate and Consistent Weights


- High-torque SEW Eurodrive Main Motor
- Strong and precise Indexing Drives
- Simple PLC Control System

Advanced Safety Features

- Safety Interlocks for the Upper and Lower Doors
- Safety PLC
- Remote Jog Controller
- UL-Compliant Control Panel

Elite Customer Support

- On-Site service and training
- Remote troubleshooting
- Fast quotes and deliveries

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- 225,000 capsules per hour (max.)
- 27 capsules per segment
- 140rpm (max.)
00EL - 4 capsule sizes
- 6’ x 5’ x 7’ (approx.)
- 7,500lbs (approx.)
- 460V 60Hz 3ph+PE
- Requires 125psi of air pressure

Spare Parts and Tooling

- High-quality craftsmanship
- Extensive inventory
- Fast quotes
- Quick deliveries

Auxiliary Equipment

Capsule Polisher

- 300,000 capsules per hour
- Includes Empty Capsule Eliminator Unit
- Stainless steel cGMP construction

Industrial Dust Collector Pump

- 175cfm
- Removes excess dust and powder from capsule fillers
- Protects Bearings, Seals, and Shafts
- Stainless steel cGMP construction

Dust Collection Cyclone

- Allows Operator to easily monitor yields
- Protect filters in the Dust Collector
- Stainless steel cGMP construction

Automatic Capsule Loading Unit

- Automatically loads empty capsules into capsule fillers
- Stainless steel cGMP construction

Automatic Powder Loading Unit

- Automatically loads powder into capsule fillers
- Stainless steel cGMP construction


- Training
- Inspections
- Preventative maintenance
- Troubleshooting
- Experienced and available technicians

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