Efficient. Reliable. Innovative.

Increase encapsulation production capacity and efficiency with KLS Machines

Efficient. Reliable. Innovative.

Improve efficiency with integrated KLS Auxiliary Equipment

Efficient. Reliable. Innovative.

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Changing The Speed of The  Industry

KLS Machines manufactures high speed capsule filling equipment for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. KLS is dedicated to ensuring an outstanding customer experience.  From machine start-up and training to trouble-shooting, maintenance and spare parts support: KLS helps optimize encapsulation production.

Our innovative equipment and experienced technicians provide a complete turn-key solution to our customers that will streamline the encapsulation process, improve yields and reduce downtime. 


Our Experience

With over 50 years of experience in high-speed encapsulation production, formulation and packaging, the KLS team combines a diverse background to assist manufacturers with increasing production and efficiency.

KLS Machines

KLS-225 Capsule Filling Machine

The KLS-225 Capsule Filling Machine is a high-speed, tamping-style capsule filler with a maximum production rate of 225,000 capsules per hour.

KLS-75 Capsule Filling Machine

The KLS-75 Capsule Filling Machine is a tamping-style intermittent motion capsule filler with a max production rate of 75,000 capsules per hour.

Capsule Polisher

The KLS-VCP-000 Capsule Polisher polishes up to 300,000 capsules per hour and can discharge directly into a metal check or other packaging device.

Automatic Capsule & Powder Loaders

The KLS Automatic Capsule & Powder Loader uses pneumatic pressure to move capsules into the capsule hopper on top of the KLS-225 Capsule Filling Machine.  

Industrial Dust Collector

The KLS Industrial Dust Collector removes excess dust and powder from the KLS-225 Capsule Filling Machine extending the life of the KLS-225.

Dust Collection Cyclone

Catches dust and excess powder before it gets to the KLS-IDC-000 dust collector. This protects the dust collector filters and allows for recycling of powder.

Why Choose KLS Machines?


Efficient machines for increased productivity and results.


Innovative technology that is speeding up the industry.

Elite Customer Support

We are with you every step of the way from set up, to training and troubleshooting.


Hear From Our Clients

"The KLS-225 is a truly a game-changer. It has significantly increased our production capacity, quality and profit margins."

“The support provided by KLS has been exceptional.”

“The KLS powder loading, capsule loading and capsule polishing systems have made significant improvements to our operation.”


“The KLS-225 has handled a wide range of difficult powders.”